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Auven Equestrian

Saddle Pads - Jumping

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Stunning anatomically designed jumping saddle pads featuring a breathable mesh lining and a luxurious satin outer shell that repels dirt. Designed intentionally to be thickly padded with stop cushions to maximize comfort and fit under your saddle as well as adorned with ruffle detailing along the bottom and back hem for an upscale finish.
  • Anatomically shaped saddle pad with extra space at the withers
  • Satin outer material
  • Ruffle edge detailing
  • Thickly padded for maximum comfort
  • Stop-cushions to prevent sliding under saddle
  • Quick-dry moisture wicking mesh underside
  • AUVEN EQUESTRIAN embroidered along spine
  • Measurements: 25 inches on spine and 19 inches drop